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    When selling a real estate property, nothing is more important than getting the best sale price. You can count on JP Realty to use their years of experience and knowledge to help you achieve this goal! Our marketing team also has years of real estate appraising background. This makes us quite unique and in some ways better qualified to determine the best list price for your property in this competitive market.

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    Many people think of real estate agents as someone you call when selling a property. The fact is, an experienced real estate agent can also be quite instrumental when it comes to buying a home. Whether you are a veteran buyer with several closings under your belt or a first time buyer JP Realty can simplify the home buying experience by using our years of expertise to help you find the right home for you.

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    Not ready to buy? Looking to rent? No problem! Who should use a real estate agent to look for a rental property? You should! We have real estate agents ready to get you into a rental home that’s right for you and your family. At JP Realty we know the South Florida market, have helped many families and individuals relocate, find rent to own properties, or the stepping stone property they were looking for.

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    Common FAQ’s?

    How Do I Know What Sale Price I Can Afford?

    This depends on your income and debt. A mortgage loan officer from either a lending institution such a an independent mortgage company or a bank can help you. They will request financial information from you and plug the numbers into their system, determine what price range and type of loan you can qualify for and issue a pre-qualification letter. Then you are ready to start looking for a home.

    How Many Properties Should I Look at Before Making an Offer?

    You can look at as many as it takes until you feel you have found the best fit. If you give your Realtor your criteria, their experience will help weed out properties that won’t suit you and show you the available properties that best fit your needs and expectations.

    Should I Get a Home Inspection?

    Absolutely. This is critical in protecting a buyer when purchasing a property. You want to have an expert check plumbing, electric, A/C, roof, termite ect. and provide a report noting the condition of each item. Typically it will indicate an estimate of any repairs or if further inspections or estimates are needed. This must be done within the timeframe that the inspection period is noted on the contract.

    Can I Back Out of a Contract?

    An escrow deposit is required upon acceptance of a contract which binds the parties to the terms of the contract. A loop hole COULD be if the appraised value come in lower than the sale price on the contract, this would depend on financing terms or other terms of contract. Another loop hole may be if the buyer is unsatisfied with result of the home inspection, they may back out before the inspection period ends. Again depends on the terms of the contract.

    Can I Buy and Sell a Home at the Same Time?

    Sure but if your purchase is contingent of funds from the sale of your current home this must be disclosed to the seller of the property you are purchasing.

    Can I Find out What Offer the Seller will Accept??

    There is no way to know this as the seller and his agent have a fiduciary relationship. If the listing agents does know what the seller will accept, he is not permitted to disclose this information to anyone.

    Choosing an Agent

    Many will tell you that hiring a real estate agent in this day and age is just crazy! Then you go onto websites offered with homes for sale, try to schedule an appointment, only to find out that it was sold a month ago! This happens a lot more often than many would like to believe. Despite great efforts by Zillow and many other marketing websites to exclude real estate agents from a transaction, studies show that employing the expertise of a real estate agent will get you the most current and accurate information on homes that are available for sale and rent.

    On the same note, when looking for a real estate agent in the South Florida area, we understand your choices are plenty. However, once you get to know JP Realty, you will understand why we are the first choice with our past clientele and why we are so well recommended.

    Everyone has a different opinion as to what you should look for when hiring a real estate agent. To us, there is no substitute for experience, plus personalized service. We feel strongly about this because being a successful real estate agent requires one to be willing to work long hours, to be dedicated and self driven. These are areas where JP Realty excels. At JP Realty we understand that the fruit of our work can have life changing results. This is why we are so passionate about going to work for you. Whether you are selling, buying or renting, if you give JP Realty the opportunity to do the leg work, you will not be disappointed!

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