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How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

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If home is empty, leave utilities on and pilot lights lit. Make sure electrical sockets, light fixtures, switches and fans work. Confirm smoke and carbon monoxide detectors operate. Check that

Preparing For a Photoshoot

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With the majority of home buyers starting their searches online, it’s essential your home stand out in the listing photos. Consider the following to assure it looks bright, spacious, fresh,

Exterior Projects That Net you Cash

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Thinking about improving your yard? Here are the projects that provide the greatest return when you sell. Landscape Maintenance: Job Cost- $3,000; Cost Recovered: $3,000. 100% Return. Overall Landscape Upgrade: Job

The Hidden Value of Homeownership

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Owning a home doesn’t just help you build wealth. It also impacts your life and your children’s lives. Here are some of the specific benefits homeowners may enjoy over renters:

A Buyers’ Guide to Closing Costs

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Orientation Fee: Payment to lender to evaluate your credit and underwrite and process loan. Discount Points: Paid to lender at closing to reduce interest rate over life of mortgage. PMI

8 Factors That Enhance A Home’s Value

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Looking for the best return on investment on the home you’re buying? consider these factors, which identified by analyzing millions of sales nationwide. Small Size Over the last five

18 Tips to Protect Your New Home

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Fire Protection: Install smoke/carbon monoxide alarms on every level. Test monthly and replace batteries each year. Buy an ABC multipurpose fire extinguisher for the kitchen, where half of all fires

10 Reasons to List With a Realtor Today

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PRICE – Homeowners who sell their homes on their own typically generate $46,000 less than homeowners who work with a Realtor.* TIME – Realtors have the time and expertise to handle open

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